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Air Quality is an important consideration in many aspects of local authority spatial transport planning. An Air Quality Assessment is often necessary where a proposed development may impact on, or be impacted by, local air quality levels.

Air Quality Assessments are being more frequently required by local authorities as a result of a combination of the poor air quality currently experienced in many urban areas and the increase in demand for housing and other developments within poor air quality areas, often within Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA's).

Air Quality Assessments are usually required either at pre-application stage, in support of planning applications or during post-submission stages, where an assessment is usually required to help discharge planning conditions or establish damage cost contribution requirements.

Air Quality Assessments will normally Include one of both of the following:

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What will you gain by using Mayer Brown for your Air Quality Assessment?

Mayer Brown Limited offer a comprehensive and personal service in relation to:

Mayer Brown Limited has an extensive proven track record of supporting their clients in all their Air Quality Assessment needs. Studies often vary in size from those that contribute to formal Environmental Impact Assessments for major development schemes, to stand-alone assessments for smaller developments.

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