Expert Witness for Development Proposals

With years of experience related to development projects, from one-unit developments to major urban regeneration and transport infrastructure, behind our teams, we can provide expert witness services for a range of legal cases.   


Expert witnesses are often called to provide a professional opinion on legal matters and we apply the technical knowledge and skills that come with the length of experience in the field to the case at hand. 


Professional Expert Witnesses 

Our expert witnesses provide an expert opinion on matters within their expertise. They prove factual evidence relating to a site and development proposals. 


Expert evidence is routinely called where environmental impacts (such as noise and vibration, air quality, flood risk, transport, etc.) require scrutiny at a planning hearing or inquiry. Expert evidence is also required in connection with legal proceedings relating to "nuisance" (e.g. such as the appeal of a noise abatement notice under the Environmental Protection Act 1990), or in connection with licensing matters. Such evidence helps an Inspector/Judge/Committee understand the potential impacts and effects of a situation so that an appropriate judgement can be made. 


How are our Expert Witnesses Chosen?  

Our selection process for expert witnesses focuses on their exceptional expertise and profound subject knowledge. We choose individuals based on their extensive experience and qualifications.  


Our specialisation lies in urban regeneration and transport infrastructure development projects. In situations where legal disputes arise, our expert witness consultants seamlessly contribute with their technical expertise, ensuring the collection of robust factual evidence. 


Qualifications Expected from an Expert Witness 

Expert witnesses need to be knowledgeable and fully trained in their field, some of our directors have over 20 years of experience in their fields. Alongside this, they are fellows of organisations such as the CIHT and CILT. They have also worked with a range of both public and private sector clients, regularly advising them on matters within their fields. 


Being a fellow of the organisations mentioned above also helps to provide credibility to the opinion and evidence presented. 

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Expert Witnesses for your Site or Development Proposal 

Our firm can provide experienced expert witnesses to clearly present written and oral evidence in connection with all forms of tribunal proceedings. This includes planning hearings and public inquiries; House of Lords Select Committees; civil and criminal court cases; public inquiries before the Transport Commissioner and licensing committees. 


All consulting expert witnesses hold professional qualifications relevant to their discipline and are fully conversant with planning and civil procedure rules for the presentation of evidence. 


Expert Witnesses for Environmental Impact Legal Cases 

With prior knowledge of environmental impact assessments, our teams can support legal cases involving environmental impact. Our legal expert witnesses can be the key to building a solid defense, get in touch today to discuss.  


What is Environmental Law? 

Environmental law regards the impact humans are having on the planet and controlling the footprint of particular actions. Environmental law also covers climate control, sources of energy, pollution, and Corporate Social responsibility. 

The control of pollution is an important law that requires transport infrastructure developments to have closely analysed the effects of pollution in a given area. 


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