Topographical Surveys

We provide detailed mapping for Design, Planning and Engineering purposes. Our services include Topographic Surveys and Engineering Surveys for:

Also, we provide a Setting Out service for housing and structures, and Survey Control to any coordinate systems using GPS and Total Station.

In addition, we can provide more bespoke information such as hydrological and flood plain mapping for Flood Risk Assessment.

If you have a requirement for the capture of spatial data, contact our experienced team to discuss the most efficient way of capturing and presenting this information.

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Our Topographical Surveys are provided as a large-scale plan (1:200 or 1:500) with levels that can help you to visualise the land to be developed. The plan will show all existing ground features and details of spatial considerations. The survey involves the capture of spatial information, usually by GPS and/or a Total Station relating to Ordnance Survey grid and datum. This information is represented on a scaled plan, normally in AutoCAD, which will assist your design team or architect to accurately plot designs within site boundary constraints. Additional information can be added to the survey to meet your needs, such as surrounding building heights or depths of manholes etc.

What service can you expect when you request a Mayer Brown Topographical Survey?

Fundamentally, we understand that you require clear and concise surveys at a reasonable price and delivered on time. We provide realistic timescales at a budget to suit; and we always seek to work within your own timescales.

We offer topographical surveys that are distinct to the exact specifications, that may be bespoke to different clients, for example Highways Engineers or Archaeologists. Our team of experts understand exactly what is required for your particular survey needs!

Setting Out/Engineering Surveys

Setting Out is the process of transferring co-ordinates and dimensions of an architect’s design by accurately marking out a full-size plan of a building or road etc. on site. We can also set-out a fence line or boundaries.

GPS and/or a Total Station is used to plot the exact positions of the proposed build to the architect’s requirements.

Essential for your needs, we only use the latest calibrated surveying instruments to give Precise Setting or Pegging Out. Results are issued in CAD and/or pdf.

Are you looking for an accurate and cost-effective Setting Out service?

We offer Setting Out services that are distinct to the exact specifications, and that may be bespoke to suit your needs. Crucially, we spend time understanding exactly what is required for your particular project and deliver a service on time and within budget

Measured Building Surveys and Laser Scanning

A Measured Building Survey is an accurate representation of a building showing all structural elements and architectural features. Floor plans, with window and ceiling heights and so forth, together with elevations and cross sections, are essential for building renovation presented as a scaled survey drawing, usually in AutoCAD. Surveying equipment is used to capture precise dimensions and measurements of the building and transferred to scaled drawings.

3D object Laser Scanning captures distance measurement at every direction. This creates 'point clouds' to produce a physical object's exact size and shape, shown as a digital 3-dimensional representation on a computer. It involves setting up one or more laser scanners, usually to Ordnance Survey co-ordinates, on site. By combining controlled steering of laser beams with a laser rangefinder, it then rapidly measures the surface shape of objects such as buildings or landscapes.

The benefits of getting your Measured Building Survey and Laser Scanning through Mayer Brown

Our Measured Building Surveys are distinct to the exact specifications. They can be tailored for different clients, for example Architects or Industrial Archaeologists. Through many years of expertise, we understand exactly what is needed for your particular requirements. We deliver clear and concise measured building surveys and laser scanning services at a reasonable price, and within your timescales.

Earthworks Surveys/Volumetric Calculations

A contoured site survey can help a developer identify the sites 'cut/fill' requirements. In turn, this allows them to determine removal or addition of surface material for Earthworks Landform and Volumetric Calculations.

We offer surveys that are distinct to the exact specifications, that may be bespoke to different clients, for example House Builders or Planners determining a boundary.

Do you need an Earthworks Survey or Volumetric Calculations?

When you use Mayer Brown for your Earthworks and Volumetric Surveys, you can rest assured that they will be clear and concise. We work hard to deliver within your own timescales and budget.

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Topographical Survey case studies

For examples of recent Topographical Survey projects Mayer Brown have undertaken please view our case study for Headley Court.

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