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What is Waste Management?

Waste Management is an increasingly important process for the disposal of waste materials during and after construction. Strategies cover waste collection and transportation to waste treatment facilities and the proper, final disposal of waste.

Laws regarding Waste Management are dictated by local authorities and can rules vary depending on each county council. Mayer Brown can provide expert knowledge to assist a range of development plans.

Waste Management Strategies are often requested to support planning applications or to discharge planning conditions. These are required in order to demonstrate that the development has been designed to incorporate the management of waste produced, in line with national, regional, and local authority requirements.

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What is a Waste Management Plan?

A waste management plan is a document that determines how waste will be dealt with during site works. It should also outline the types of materials and volume of waste that will be created during a project. As well as this, it should outline how each type of waste will be dealt with i.e. whether they will be recycled, reused, or sent to landfill.

Professional consultants inform this document with expertise that follows local guidance so construction is in line with all policies and laws. A waste management plan will outline how waste is to be minimised, recycled or reused, or disposed of.

What are the goals of proper Waste Management?

The primary goals of proper waste management strategies are to provide a site with an outlined way to deal with waste for a work site or business. The hierarchy of waste management is prevention, minimisation, recycling, reuse, biological treatment, incineration, and landfill disposal. Mayer Brown closely follows this hierarchy closely, diverting waste from landfill.

Is recycling covered under our Waste Management Strategies?

Our work prioritises recycling and reuse when disposing of waste to reduce landfill. We're committed to supporting a circular economy wherever possible.

Why is correct Waste Management important?

Having a correct waste management strategy can reduce costs from project inception to completion. They benefit project planning stages and ensure the correct laws are followed from completion and beyond.

Recycling is vital to preventing unnecessary waste within a business. Conservation of natural resources and reusing items wherever possible is an important tenet of business. Alongside environmental benefits, the public image of a business could be damaged without a definite recycling plan.

Waste management plans mitigate future costs and complications. Including a full strategy during the planning stage is fundamental.

How is Waste Management done?

Our waste management team uses the ‘Waste Hierarchy’, as stated in the Waste (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2012, to guide all waste management plans. This model informs a sustainable strategy for waste management focusing on waste prevention, recycling, and proper disposal.

A particular expertise of our team is consideration of the local area. From local legislation to adapting plans that consider limiting nuisance to residents. We look at the visual and audio impacts flawed waste disposal and collection can have and mitigate these thoroughly.

Our team acts as an expert intermediate agent between all parties involved in a number of developmental projects.

Use our team of experts for your Waste Management Strategy

Waste management often falls outside of the standard architectural design remit. We are able to use our experience of numerous waste management approaches, to provide advice on specific capacity requirements and workable management strategies.

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Waste Management Case Studies

For examples of recent Waste Management projects we have undertaken please view our case studies for Guild Living Epsom and Waste Management - Erskine Barracks.

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