Infrastructure Design

We have an impressive track record of providing professional advice on a wide range of infrastructure projects. Our experienced team of design engineers and flood risk specialists work with both private and public sector clients to engineer solutions to your development problems.

Our enthusiastic in-house design teams utilise the latest highway and drainage design software to complement their technical and management skills, enabling us to deliver highway and drainage infrastructure projects on time and budget.

With a passion for the precision required to deliver your highway infrastructure projects, our design teams work closely with our transport planning teams to provide a seamless transition from planning through design to implementation on-site.

Our wealth of experience enables us to assist with contract administration and construction stage roles to ensure that designs are not only implemented but handed over and signed off by the adopting authority.

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S38/S278 Agreement Works

S38 and S278 Agreements Works are works associated with a planning permission that are required to be implemented by a Developer and adopted by the Highway Authority under the provisions of the Highways Act.

Do you need design and technical approval for S38/278 Agreement Highway Works?

Our design team can progress your project from planning permission, through detailed design, to technical approval by the Highway Authority. We can provide construction stage services to ensure that the project is constructed and adopted by the Highway Authority.

Why use Mayer Brown for your Agreement Works project?

Mayer Brown aims to provide the very best in highway infrastructure design services responding to specific client requirements for quality, programme and cost, while continually striving to find the most appropriate design solutions.

Our integrated approach to design offers assistance through the lifecycle of a project. We have a proven track record of delivering Highway schemes from the early feasibility stages, through planning, to detailed design and technical approval, culminating in implementation on-site and handover to Highway Authority following the maintenance period.

Our highly qualified, enthusiastic and resourceful teams have a flexible approach to work; with one aim - to make us the consultant of choice with a commitment to provide cost effective, sustainable and innovative solutions using our local knowledge and ever-expanding skill base.

The benefits of choosing Mayer Brown for your Highway Infrastructure project

For many years we have carried out highway planning and design projects for a huge number of private and public sector clients. These projects range from simple access junctions through to multi-million-pound  link road schemes.

We provide detailed design solutions for all aspects of highway and infrastructure works for all modes of land-based transport, external works, car parks, drainage works and service supplies.

We co-ordinate our design work with that of our clients, contractors and other professionals, including architects, structural engineers and quantity surveyors. We can also provide contract administration, on-site supervision services and road safety audit for highway infrastructure projects.

Mayer Brown’s vast experience in Highway and Transport Planning

We are well placed to undertake concept design for development projects having a wealth of relevant expertise in dealing with the issues involved. This reduces risk of delay or complication. Being aware of the impact our design will have on the environment and on the people who are in daily contact with it, motivates our work. Our experience in the design and implementation of highway works, streetscape enhancement and urban space design equips us with the vital range of skills to meet the requirements of all users.

The strength of Mayer Brown’s design capability stems from its seamless integration with the company’s expertise in highway and transport planning. We often provide design input at a very early stage in the development planning process, helping to assess any potential challenges before they arise. The key benefit of this to our clients is that we can save them from expensive modification work at implementation. Any gap between initial planning and detailed design is removed due to the broad experience of our design staff, most of whom have extensive transport planning experience.

Residential Development Infrastructure

Access to new residential developments is key to allow both works to commence and the residents to access the completed site. Successful implementation requires co-ordination with all incoming utilities, provision of sewers, footways and carriageways. This will ensure that the end product can be adopted by the relevant authority at the earliest opportunity.

How Mayer Brown can help with your Residential Development Infrastructure project

We can co-ordinate the works to successfully implement a project, ensuring that incoming utilities are considered and planned, design works are undertaken and technically approved and constructed in accordance with the specification. Programming of these works allows them to be undertaken successfully.

Our skilled team of professionals have the knowledge and experience to project manage these infrastructure works from concept to completion.

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Car Park Design & External Works

Managing, designing and implementing car park works can greatly improve and enhance the use of an area. We consider the proposed use of an area and develop a detailed brief with the client to ensure that vehicle parking and external spaces are not only functional, maximise the use of space, but are also aesthetically pleasing.

Our role in your Car Park Design & External Works project

Our knowledge and experience enable you to develop a design to be functional and constructed with the most appropriate materials considering any site constraints that there may be.

We can co-ordinate the works to successfully implement a project, ensuring that any physical or environmental constraints are considered, works are planned, designed and are undertaken in accordance with the specification. Programming of these works is key when considering improvement works on sites that are still in use.

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Traffic Signing Strategy & Design

Traffic signs are used to convey information, instruction, or a warning to road users.

Traffic Signing Strategy and Design services offered by Mayer Brown

We can:

Providing safe, consistent and well-designed information to pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users and drivers is essential.

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Speed Reduction Schemes

Speed Reduction Schemes are often employed to ensure that traffic using the road network is travelling at an appropriate speed in keeping with the environment. They may be used to limit or control speeds in close proximity to schools or in other areas where motor vehicles travelling at speed is undesirable due to the presence of other more vulnerable road users. Physical measures such as road humps have been used for many years to control speeds. However, many alternatives are now available.

Do you need designs for a Speed Reduction Scheme?

We will design an improvement scheme for you to reduce speeds on roads and/or design a speed reduction scheme to ensure the speed limits are self-enforcing. This may be to address an existing or perceived speed or safety issue, or simply to assist a development proposal.

Our team of experts have vast experience of similar projects across the UK, meaning we can prepare speed reduction schemes to meet your brief and budget. We will liaise and consult with stakeholders as the design progresses to ensure that a scheme suited to all road users and the environment is designed, approved and implemented in line with the project objectives.

Cycle & Pedestrian Facilities

Encouraging cycling in our cities is a national imperative with the full weight of government behind it. There is an increasing demand for cycle routes. In addition to health benefits for the cyclist, cycling has environmental benefits to everyone through reduced petrol pollution, freer roads and less demand for space. Studies show that low cycle use is a symptom of deep-rooted urban problems. Area-wide approaches are needed; in urban safety, access issues and the revitalising of town centres.

Careful planning in the design and implementation of a safe, convenient cycle network is vital and the implications of getting it wrong are potentially disastrous. Yet the process is hugely complex. The needs of a wide range of road users must be balanced with issues including safe routes to school, commuter traffic, bus routes and servicing of businesses.

Mayer Brown’s Effective and Sustainable Cycle Network Solutions

As specialists in transport planning, Mayer Brown is involved in creating a more cycle friendly urban environment. This encompasses urban design and safety management, through to streetscape design solutions. We have a proven track record of arriving at effective and sustainable cycle network solutions.

In particular, we excel at:

Route Identification Studies

Identifying opportunities; assessing feasibility; developing and establishing the exact routing of priority strategic routes; and, carrying out modelling work.

Route Alignment Justification

Assessing disparate influences from traffic patterns to stakeholder interests and development pressures. This often involves incorporating cycle schemes into bus and tram priority measures.

Stakeholder Consultation and Participation

We liaise with user groups, town centre managers, economic development officers and other concerned parties. Our experience enables us to get many different - and often conflicting - groups to reach agreement and provide a solution where all users benefit.

Project Management

Co-ordinating all third parties and encouraging private sector investment. We enable forums for activating measures such as 20mph zones on town centre sections of main roads. Our experts develop outline and detailed design proposals for the development and implementation of priority strategic routes.

Implementation and contract supervision

Developing and monitoring an effective implementation strategy, phased over a number of years. Sound implementation expertise systematically based on solutions that are direct, coherent, safe, attractive and comfortable.

Mayer Brown’s vast experience in your Cycle & Pedestrian Facilities projects

We have unique and unparalleled experience in providing effective cycle network solutions, which we have been able to utilise and demonstrate through our work on LCN+ projects in London as well as developer lead schemes across the country.

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

Sustainable Drainage Systems (or SuDS) are a key consideration in all new developments and should be considered as early in the project lifecycle as possible. The primary purpose of SuDS systems is to provide improvement (or at least no detriment) to the receiving water bodies (i.e. surface water sewer, watercourse, groundwater). This is achieved by designing a SuDS system that provides a reduced flow rate (and associated attenuation), amenity, enhanced biodiversity and treatment prior to discharging from a given site.

SuDS systems are an integral part of all new developments, from an individual dwelling to a development site comprising thousands of new dwellings, a commercial development or a school! It Is often a consideration that is overlooked and addressed at the last minute. However, for an attractive, cost effective solution that works with the proposals, it is important to get the right people on board as early as possible.

Why Mayer Brown should look after your Sustainable Drainage Systems project

Mayer Brown often get involved in a project as early as promoting a site for inclusion on the local plan. We then follow projects right through to construction stage monitoring, sign off and completion. This broad spectrum of experience of SuDS design at all stages in a project cycle enables us to ensure that what we are proposing is deliverable and acceptable to stakeholders (i.e. planners, water and adopting authorities, the Environment Agency). We also ensure the project is designed in sympathy with construction methods and processes to make life easier for the Contractor and cheaper for the client.

Our experience has taught us that what we propose when we first get involved is often the solution that gets constructed, thus providing certainty for clients, architects, planners and contractors - which can ultimately result in savings.

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Infrastructure Design case studies

For examples of recent Infrastructure Design projects Mayer Brown have undertaken please view our case studies for St Georges Primary School S278 AccessHarvest Road S278 Highway ImprovementsACS Egham Site Access, Internal Access Road & Car Park Improvements,  Beaulieu Park, Essex Regiment Way, Chelmsford, Beaulieu Park,White Hart Lane, Chelmsford.

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