CEMP Waterlooville
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CEMP Waterlooville

The Berewood development to the West of Waterlooville is a 298 hectare site which has been split in to around 13 development parcels.

Transport Planning
Infrastructure Design
Environmental Assessment


Our Involvement

Mayer Brown has been involved in the planning, implementation and site supervision of Construction Environmental Management Plans on this site since work was commenced in 2008.

Focusing on a High Quality Sustainable Community

It is frequently the case that whilst impacts and required mitigations are identified at the planning stage, these often lose their priority at construction, due to the overriding demands of programme, health, safety and cost.

At Berewood, the client, Grainger plc has always had a clear aspiration to create a high quality, sustainable community and this has begun in every phase with a detailed Construction Environmental Management Plan.   

Carrying out CEMP on Sensitive Sites

Mayer Brown have been able to provide a suite of site specific CEMP which takes into account the sensitives of the location and the proposed works. A mitigation matrix is created for phase each which links all the potential environmental impacts identified within each discipline with the staged works, enabling contractors to ensure that mitigations are programmed in at the appropriate time. Whilst Mayer Brown also have an overviewing role, site specific responsibilities are allocated and adapted to personnel who are already fulfilling similar roles thus avoiding management conflicts or additional costs.

In the case of Berewood, and at the request of the client, the CEMPs have been designed to be working management systems which fit neatly alongside existing processes ensuring that environmental management remains a priority whilst not compromising programme or health and safety requirements.

For further information please contact ahughes@mayerbrown.co.uk

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