Road Safety Audits - Berewood Project
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Road Safety Audits - Berewood Project

We have worked with Grainger Plc since 2003 and our Safety Team are currently the Auditors appointed by them to undertake Road Safety Audits on the West of Waterlooville MDA Berewood development in Waterlooville, Hampshire.

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This is a green field development, 209 hectares in area for 2,500 new homes, employment land, local centre and two new primary schools, and will provide some much need regeneration to the town. The development gained planning consent 2010. Since then the first primary school has been constructed and the first two development phases of 443 units are well advanced.


At present eight sites / phases have been Audited to date, amounting to 16 Road Safety Audit reports.

An example of some of the phases Audited thus far include:

Safe Routes to School (Stages 1, 2 and 3)

  • A designated safe route linking Crookham College and the Berewood Development
  • Two new toucan crossings
  • Proposed dropped kerbs and tactile paving
  • New or improved shared use pedestrian / cycle facilities
  • Cycle route signage scheme
  • Installation of pedestrian / cycle barriers

Berewood Primary School (Stage 1, 2 and interim Stage 3)

  • New primary school with pedestrian, cycle and vehicular access
  • Non car access routes, including pedestrian / cycle facilities
  • Bus route including a designated bus turning area
  • Drainage
  • Signage
  • Installation of pedestrian / cycle barriers
  • Speed reducing features
  • Roundabout and priority junctions
  • Construction traffic management

Southern Access, A31 London Road (Stage 1/2)

  • Proposed roundabout on A31 London Road
  • Non car access routes
  • On road cycle route
  • Shared cycle / pedestrian facilities
  • Segregated cycle route
  • Toucan crossing
  • Dropped kerbs and associated tactile paving
  • Traffic islands


It is anticipated that the development will be completed around 2026. Our Road Safety Team will be undertaking a significant amount of further Audit work on the development as the build progresses.

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