Stoneythorpe Village & HS2
Case study

Stoneythorpe Village & HS2

A ground breaking ‘future village’, utilising a central IT hub and driverless cars, was proposed for a site at Lower Farm in Stoneythorpe, Southam. With HS2 running through the site it was necessary to find ways of accommodating the aims of the developer as well as the requirements of HS2.

Transport Planning
Infrastructure Design
Environmental Assessment


Creating a Sustainable & Energy Efficient Village Community

The client’s aim was to create a sustainable, energy efficient, environmentally friendly village community of the future on a site in Southam. The village was to comprise around 800 residential units, all serviced by a central IT hub. This was to be a zero energy development, entirely self-sufficient in terms of energy generation.

The scheme was being developed to showcase driverless travel with emission free technology. Mayer Brown was appointed as Lead Consultant to create and develop the concept with Place Make. 

Overcoming Hurdle's to Complete the Planning Application

With HS2 running through the site, Mayer Brown had to seek accommodation of the aims for HS2 alongside those of the developer. When HS2 raised issues late in the day, a large hurdle had to be overcome in order for the planning application to be submitted.

In addition, proposed amendments to the HS2 bill had been released on a regular basis, many of which influenced land in close proximity to the Stoneythorpe development site. Additional Provision 4 (AP4) was published which not only proposed amendments near to Stoneythorpe, but which did not reflect the changes which had been agreed between the Stoneythorpe team and HS2. Thus, a petition was required. Mayer Brown submitted the petition to Houses of Parliament, Westminster having prepared paperwork and arranged documentation.

Presenting our Argument at the House of Commons

Following the petition submitted to HS2 Ltd in November 2015, with regards to the proposed amendment to the temporary A425 diversion, Mayer Brown attended a Locus Standi hearing in the House of Commons to discuss the developer’s position and grounds for appealing to Additional Provision 4 (AP4). The hearing took place on 12th January 2016, presenting the argument as to why the amendment to the road diversion influenced ability to provide access to the Stoneythorpe Village site, particularly during the construction period of HS2.

The hearing was a positive one for Mayer Brown, with MPs supporting our goal of working with HS2. We were provided with the opportunity to request amendments to the HS2 plans in order to allow the Stoneythorpe development to come forward during the HS2 construction period. Discussions are continuing with HS2 to finalise agreements with regards to aligning their proposal with that of the Stoneythorpe Village development, thus ensuring that work on the eco-village can continue to progress.


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