Anaerobic Digestion Plant - Gore, Arreton, Isle of Wight
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Anaerobic Digestion Plant - Gore, Arreton, Isle of Wight

Mayer Brown has been working for Wight Farm Energy LLP, a partnership of six family-run farm businesses. This group was set up to facilitate the construction of an anaerobic digestion plant on a greenfield agricultural site near the village of Arreton.

Transport Planning
Infrastructure Design
Environmental Assessment



In broad terms the plant produces biogas from organic plant material such as silage, for use in the National Grid. A useful by-product of this process is a nutrient-rich bio fertiliser in both liquid and solid state.


Mayer Brown was initially instructed to redesign the existing access layout and justify the increased traffic generation arising from the proposal, through submission of a Transport Statement. Due to the plant’s reliance on seasonally available fuel sources (silage made from maize, grass, cereals etc) to ensure constant gas production, careful consideration and justification was required in relation to peak traffic flows, impact of on-site feedstock storage, back-loading of vehicles and analysis of the impact upon the wider highway network.


Through engagement with the Local Planning Authority and Island Roads (on behalf of the Highway Authority) both pre-application and during processing, we assisted in securing full planning consent for the site.

Following this successful outcome, Mayer Brown has supported Wight Farm Energy in satisfying various conditions imposed on the planning consent, including detailed drainage design, heavy goods vehicle traffic routing and HGV swept path analysis. The drainage design was particularly interesting: Due to the high Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and leachate content of the surface water run-off from the silage storage area, which is potentially harmful to the environment but also invaluable in the digestion process, an entirely separate system was provided discharging directly into the storage tanks.

In 2016 Mayer Brown is still undertaking work to update the previous Transport Statement and drainage design to reflect the growth of the site.

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