Erskine Barracks, Wilton Hill
Case study

Erskine Barracks, Wilton Hill

Erskine Barracks in Wilton, Salisbury had for many years been the headquarters of the UK Land Forces. In 2010, the headquarters moved to Andover and for five years the 34 acre site lay derelict.

Transport Planning
Infrastructure Design
Environmental Assessment


Erskine Barrakcs Project

Redrow purchased the land and existing permissions in April 2013 and the proposals evolved within a consortium of residents, veterans and Redrow working under the title of the ‘Wilton Hill Partnership’.

Mayer Brown was commissioned to provide the input on waste management along with transport planning, infrastructure, drainage strategies, air quality assessments and noise.

Waste Challenges for Large Schemes

The waste challenges posed by such a large scheme include consideration of how the waste collection service will be delivered in a new development, ensuring that nuisance to residents is avoided. Where the requirements of the waste collection service are not taken into account in the design process, there are a number of things that can have a negative impact on the attractiveness of the living space. For example, where there is no consideration of the distance between the container storage points and container collection points, there is an effect on how residents access services and how the council collects.

This can lead to bins being grouped on street corners, which can be unpleasant for nearby households, and can discourage residents from putting out recycling containers where these distances are excessive. Poorly located bin stores can also lead to an increase in excess waste and fly-tipping.

Dedication to Low-Impact Waste Management

From the outset on this project it was apparent that all parties were committed to waste management, both in the initial demolition phase and in the operation of the future scheme. Redrow brought a strong dedication to waste management with them, and for their part Wiltshire Council had developed the ‘Wiltshire Council Waste Collection Guidance for New Developments’ in order to ensure that: 

Mayer Brown was able to work with all parties to ensure the provision of a waste strategy that took the requirement of all parties into account so that the Councils requirements were readily accommodated within the evolution of the Wilton Hill Masterplan.

Planning permission was received in 2015 and houses are now available to buy.

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New buildings are designed to enable waste to be segregated for recycling and composting and to be stored and collected in such a way that is mutually beneficial to all parties involved.

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