Construction Environmental Management Plan
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Construction Environmental Management Plan

A significant number of planning applications are now required to be accompanied by a Construction Environmental Management Plan.

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This is a document which is required to demonstrate that the developer has a good understanding of the sensitivities of the site and its surroundings and has accommodated these within the proposed construction methods and programmes.


At the pre-planning stage this can be difficult to comply with, because it is often the case that a contractor is not yet appointed. Post-planning, an appointed contractor may have already set out a costed programme and have little resources to spare.

It is also the case that no-one will appreciate a CEMP which is perceived to result in additional costs, extended timescales or onerous requirements.


Mayer Brown are able to provide a suite of CEMP, each of which can be tailored to the specifics of the scale and sensitivities of the development. For small scale projects it is often acceptable to simply cite any site sensitivities and ensure that headline matters e.g. worker parking and site access, will comply with the prescribed Local Authority requirements. At the other end of the scale, large developers often like to see a CEMP which has been developed to closely complement their existing Health and Safety processes, incorporating active management systems and compliance mechanisms.

In all cases, Mayer Brown aim to provide a CEMP which fits neatly into activities, management systems and roles which will be in operation on site, ensuring that CEMP compliance is not an onerous or expensive task.  

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