A6, Garstang
Case study

A6, Garstang

The site consists of a large area of land immediately to the west of the A6 in Garstang, Lancashire. An abandoned and long gone railway line ran west to east through the centre of this area of land.

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Developing the A6

As a result of this the A6, level with the adjacent land on both the northern and southern edges, rises to a crest of around 9m above it to form the railway tunnel under the highway, itself now a pedestrian route.

The client, J Chippendale Ltd, had a planning application awaiting a decision to develop this area of land including highway access proposals in the form of two priority junctions, one to the north of the highway crest, and one to the south. Mayer Brown was approached by J Chippendale Ltd to produce alternative highway proposals, as it was expected that the current application may be refused on highway grounds.

The A6 Challenge

The large earthwork crest and resultant embankments formed by the A6 creates a clear barrier from the residential area of Garstang in the east from the industrial area to the west. As such, Lancashire CC are unwilling to allow the client to remove this crest, meaning that any highway proposals had to be formed with it remaining.

Having reviewed the proposals and data available Mayer Brown offered the suggestion of diverting the A6 through the developable land, to the east of the crest and providing access in the form of a roundabout. This suggestion was met favourably by both the client and Lancashire CC.


Mayer Brown produced detailed plans for the A6 diversion and roundabout access proposals including both 2D and 3D designs for the highways themselves along with drainage proposals for the entire site. The carriageway over the existing crest would be removed and replaced with planting forming a haven for wildlife with a pedestrian/cyclist route running through it. These new proposals are to form the basis of a second application should the client’s first application be refused.


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