Transport Assessments: Keeping Your Development on the Right Track

Transport Assessments: Keeping Your Development on the Right Track

Transport Assessments and Transport Statements are a necessity for submitting planning applications as they keep your development on the right track. Read more about them here.

What is a Transport Assessment?

A Transport Assessment is a detailed report that assesses the transportation impact of a proposed development or scheme. It takes into account the expected volume of traffic the development might generate, the impact on pedestrian and cyclist safety, how accessible the site is by active travel and public transport modes, and the potential effects on the surrounding transport network.

A Transport Assessment will also consider how the development or scheme has been designed in line with local, regional, and national planning policy and guidance.

Essentially, it is all about making sure a development is designed in a way that promotes sustainable transportation options and minimises its impact on the surrounding area.

When is a Transport Assessment needed?

In the UK, Transport Assessments are required for most major developments that generate a significant amount of movements and are a key part of the planning process. They help ensure that new developments are designed in a way that minimises their impact on the surrounding area and promotes sustainable transportation options.

For smaller schemes, a ‘lighter touch’ Transport Statement may be required. Think of it as a compact version of a Transport Assessment – it covers the key themes, but tends not to include any detailed modelling of proposed junctions or the highway network. A local authority may also request a Transport Statement when a smaller scheme has a particular set of constraints that need to be considered from a transport perspective.

Where the transport impacts of development are not significant, it is sometimes possible to agree with the relevant transport authorities that a Transport Assessment or Statement is not required, however this should be agreed on a case-by-case basis with individual authorities.

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How can Mayer Brown help you?

At Mayer Brown, we specialise in providing expert advice and guidance on all aspects of transportation planning, including Transport Assessments and Transport Statements.

Our team of experienced transport planners can also help you with a range of other services, including:

·         Travel Plans and Coordination: We can prepare a Travel Plan which outlines a set of measures to encourage sustainable travel uptake at your development, with the goal of reducing the number of single-occupancy car trips. We can monitor the success of the travel plan for a period of time and, as needed, update the targets and measures.

·         Need help managing traffic and parking? We can help you with Traffic Regulation orders (TRO’s), Delivery and Servicing Vehicle Management Plans (DSVMPs), Construction Traffic Management Plans (CTMPs) and Car Park Management Plans (CMPs).

We also have dedicated expert teams for transport infrastructure design and road safety audits. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your development project.

Fill in our enquiry form or email and we will be in touch.

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