Travel Plan Implementation, Berewood, Waterlooville
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Travel Plan Implementation, Berewood, Waterlooville

As part of our involvement working with Grainger plc at their West of Waterlooville Major Development Area (MDA) in Hampshire, we are acting as Travel Plan Coordinator for the residential element of the development. The Berewood development, when complete, will provide 2,550 new homes, infrastructure, a new school, community facilities and amenity areas.

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The West of Waterlooville Major Development Area Travel Plan


We have been implementing the residential Travel Plan since the first households were occupied in 2013. Prior to that we undertook the necessary preparation work, including liaising with local and highway authorities, local bus operator and travel providers/services.

Our work now comprises implementation of the Travel Plan to existing occupied households and preparing for the occupation of future households. We also deal with queries from residents and liaise with third parties.


The Challenge of Positively Promoting Sustainable Travel in a Phased Development

The main challenge is to achieve a balance between meeting the requirements of the Section 106 Agreement and the highway officer’s requests whilst promoting sustainable travel in a positive way that is cost effective for the client as well as being convenient and attractive to residents. 

The scheme is being delivered in phases over a number of years. This means a staged approach is required for the implementation of the Travel Plan.

Our Solution to Long-Term Travel Planning

Thorough preparation work prior to any residential occupations was key to ensuring a successful start to the Travel Plan implementation. This involved input into the community website, producing travel guides, and agreeing travel vouchers with the highway authority. It was also our responsibility to liaise with the voucher providers to set up the relevant purchasing systems.

The travel guides are produced and distributed phase by phase. This enables us to update them as required to take into account new local infrastructure (pedestrian, cyclist, highway and public transport) and local services and amenities. The travel guide promotes sustainable travel to school, particularly to the on-site Berewood Primary School. It also provides general road safety and parking advice in order to discourage inappropriate parking across the development.

On a day to day basis we coordinate the distribution of free travel vouchers to households. This scheme continues to be popular amongst residents.

A comprehensive electronic administration system has been set up to process and monitor voucher uptake, deal with queries from residents and record correspondence with all other parties involved. There is also a dedicated Travel Plan Coordinator email address.

Residents’ travel surveys are undertaken, which provide up to date information on travel choices. The results inform the monitoring reports.

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