Site Earthworks Assessment (Cut / Fill)
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Site Earthworks Assessment (Cut / Fill)

Import and export of material can be expensive!

Earthwork calculations can make all the difference when a decision has to be made on whether or not to purchase a site.  Can the site be “balanced”?  Is it possible to create gradients suitable for plot development and construction of roads?  Is retention required?  If so; where and at what heights?

Mayer Brown regularly assists Developers with earthworks calculations suitable to provide confidence in the deliverability of potential projects.

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Infrastructure Design
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Our approach to earthworks calculations

Our usual approach is to consider the volume of material to be excavated in order to reach formation level of the various infrastructure elements (roads, footways, driveways, gardens, foundations for properties etc).

These elements are each given a depth, dependant on the Developers and / or Local Authorities Specification and are plotted on a colour-coded plan for easy identification by the client.

We typically follow this with a preliminary vertical road design, often requiring consideration of existing features that may need to be retained (trees, watercourses).  From this road “framework” we are able to generate preliminary parcel designs for development plots.

A comparison of the existing ground with the proposed formation surface will give a volume difference, establishing whether the site is in cut or fill.

Aside from the rare occasions where the balance is achieved first-time, adjustments to the proposed road and plot network can then be made as necessary to try to achieve balance.

Our output to clients

This will typically include:

·         identification of excavated areas (formation)

·         existing and finished ground surface contour plans

·       identification of areas of cut / fill (isopaches)

·         setting of Finished Floor Levels for development units


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