Royal Arcade Crewe / Stopping Up of Highways
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Royal Arcade Crewe / Stopping Up of Highways

The Royal Arcade development forms part of the regeneration of Crewe Town Centre, delivering a complementary mix of leisure and retail, an improved bus station and a multi-storey car park.  To facilitate construction of the development it was necessary to “stop-up” two lengths of highway.

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What is "Stopping Up"?

“Stopping Up” is when an area of highway ceases to be adopted and maintainable at the publics expense and is usually required when either; a) approved development is to be constructed over existing adopted highway, or b) where an existing adopted highway crosses or enters the route of a proposed new (or improved) highway or will be affected by the construction or improvement of the main highway for which planning permission is granted.

As Royal Arcade was to be built over areas of existing highway, applications Under Section 247 of the Highways Act were made to the Department for Transport’s (DfT) National Casework Team.

The Challenges of the Stopping Up Process

Production of accurate plans in the specific format prescribed for use during the legal process of Stopping Up.

Dealing with objections to the Stopping Up applications from Statutory Undertakers.

Our Solutions

Ensuring that all pertinent boundaries and the development proposals were correctly overlaid and aligned onto Ordnance Survey mapping to accurately represent the existing and proposed limits of adoptable highway for use in production of and advertising of the orders.

Ensuring that all interested parties were consulted prior to and during engagement with DfT to obtain buy-in from local planning and highway authorities, along with potentially affected Statutory Undertakers and / or affected local businesses and residents, including arranging diversions of underground apparatus (where required) or easements for maintenance of equipment to be left in-situ.

At all times complying with the requirements of the Section 247 process in terms of adhering to time periods for advertisement of the proposed orders, handling queries or objections from 3rd parties and posting and maintenance of notices on the affected lengths of highway.

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